Has anyone used windows 7 yet? what's your opinions? i do a lot of video/audio production with my network now... running xp on all of my machines, but it's getting to be time for me to upgrade and i was wondering if anyone has any good reasons to not switch to windows 7... the reviews i read are pretty promising... was also thinking of going mac, but that would cost me a pile...


Wirehead says:

I've been triple booting Windows 7, Vista Premium x64, and Ubuntu 8.10 for a while.

7 is indeed pretty nice. Installation was painless, setup was painless (the same cannot be said for Ubuntu... total time for 7 was maybe an hour, including the download, compared to about two days to get Ubuntu cooperating with my chipset) (yeah, an hour... my cable is fast).

The main thing you should think about is what features you're looking for from 7.

First of all, if you're looking for improved performance over XP, and your hardware is more than a year or so old, skip it.

Vista and 7 are both heavily optimized toward SMP. 7, so far, is slower than Vista on single/dual core systems, but faster than Vista on quad-core or higher systems.

XP is generally faster than either on single-core hardware.

However... let's face it:

Unless you spend your time on your computer running benchmarks, you likely won't notice much performance difference anyway. If you're just tired of XP, or want some more eye candy, you could do a lot worse.

Also, of course, if you're planning on a big hardware upgrade in the next 12 months or so, by all means get 7 to go along with it. Intel is announcing their 8-core Xeon chips soon and the 8-core desktop chips won't be far behind - 7 will in all likelihood blow away both XP and Vista on an 8-core system.

bnoel says:

good info... i am upgrading equipment soon, but i didn't want to buy 7 unless i thought it was going to be stable... thinking i'm going to go with a mac laptop and 2 pc desktops... the laptop will be used for capturing audio/video... and the 2 pcs will be used for conversion and production... i'm thinking i should wait for the 8-core chips to come out though... i need something beefy in the processor department... doing a lot of editing... on a related note, anyone know what flat panel i should get... my polariod died... stability and reliability over price this time...

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